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The Difference

People ask us, "What's the difference between the pod and the suite?"

First things first, they both do the same thing. They both give you an inviting environment where you can shake off the craziness of the day and let yourself relax. After all, that is why we are here.

The Evolution Float Pod. a.k.a. "The Pod"

This is the Evolution Float Pod from Superior Float Tanks in Norfolk, Va. It was the unit we opened our doors with and it is probably the most popular pod currently being produced in the United States. It is a fairly standard design. The interior float area is 85 inches long by 55 inches wide. Controls for both the light and sound are located within easy reach no matter how you float. The Evolution Float Pod has a spacious rear ventilation gap to allow fresh air inside. Fully enclosed float spaces quickly build up heat and humidity which can cause discomfort when floating for both short and prolonged sessions if they are not ventilated properly.

The "Quest Float Suite" a.k.a. "The Suite"

An entirely different way of floating is yours in the Quest Float Suite. Inside dimensions are somewhat different from The Pod. The interior is 94” long by 52" wide. The best part is the addition of the height, which is 88" with a sloped ceiling. The walls go straight up to the ceiling. The quiet, forced air ventilation system keeps the space from becoming stuffy and uncomfortable during your float. The float area is more of a rectangular area than the pod's oval.

I've never floated before so which one should I use?

I really can't tell you which one you should use. I can tell you a few things which may help you make the decision. Or not. First, the cost is the same for either one. Second, the timing is the same for either one. The suite, by its' nature and construction is more light proof than the pod. As hard as we try to get the pod room as dark as possible the suite will always be darker inside. The only light leak in the suite is around the door, and that is well sealed and the light is very dim. The interior of the suite is nine inches longer than the pod, and for some taller people this is a real difference that makes the decision for them.

I might be a little claustrophobic. Which one should I use?

We hear this question a lot. Our quick answer is, "Whichever one you feel comfortable with." Generally, we recommend the Float Pod to first time floaters who may be claustrophobic for the simple reason that it can be left as open as you need it to be for you.